The UP Singing Ambassadors in MOA!! =))

I want all of you to know a little background about me. During High-school, I have been known to everyone that I am their Photographer/Paparazzi which was a joke at first because I only wanted to take pictures of my classmates for me to document memories which is so important. And believe it or not, I am part of the Letran Chorale Guild, which leads me to this post.

This post is all about the UP Singing Ambassadors and I am really proud to be a Filipino for they won competitions outside the Philippines. I sure heard them from mp3s and others but thank God, I was at the Mall of Asia when they performed. I am really glad that I am pretty lucky to hear them singing tunes for this holiday season. They were good , actually pretty good.

As part of the chorale during high-school, based on what i have heard, they surely would go a longer way. I am confident that they would achieve more and more awards. haha

The UP Singing Ambassadors already proved their worth as a choir. They were actually pretty fun to watch especially their conductor, Sir Edgardo Manguiat, in which he made the audience participate in singing(see the last photo) and that is one important thing.

Pls enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed hearing the UP Singing Ambassadors. =))

Piz out y’all =))


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